Wednesday, 24 October 2007

buy my boobs?

hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my blog.
I'm just me really - 22 years old, fun, outgoing, giggly, happy girl.
love meeting new people and i LOVE talking to people I have absolutely
NOTHING in common with. makes the conversation much more interesting!

i set up this blog because, as the name suggests..i need boobs! lol.
unfortunately the student lifestyle means £3,500 is a LITTLE out of my reach
at the moment but i'm working hard and determined to get the money and get
it done. any help would be much appreciated. come on, i'm sure you could chip in
£5 to help a girl on her boobie mission, no?! i'm willing to do anything for the money
just let me know and i'm sure it can be worked out (anyone looking for a kidney?? ;-))

i promise its completely genuine, this really is me on the left of the picture and this really is what this site
is all about. i think (or at least hope! lol) i have an attractive face and my ultimate
big time dream is to become a glamour model. i know i would be good at it but the
money thing is an issue right now.

look out for me on the cover of FHM/ Maxim in the not too distant future (hopefully!)
and here's hoping you'll be able to tell your newsagent "hey i'm a share owner in that cover
girls boobs!!"